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$300 Hourly High Hand Rules

-This promotion will take place from 10am – 10pm at Poker House of Dallas.  This will be in lieu of any other promotions during this time.

-This promotion is for Texas Hold’em and Omaha Variant cash games only.

-The first qualifying period for this promotion will begin at 10am and the first payout will be at 11am. Qualifying periods will be a total of 60 minutes starting at the top of the hour.

-The 3 highest qualifying  hands of each qualifying period will win the following prizes:

  •   1st: $100 I  2nd $100  I  3rd $100
  • In the event there are less than 3 qualifying hands for the hour, all unclaimed CASH prizes will be added to the next hour in the same place ranking.
  • In the event of a tie, any tied hands will occupy all positions at its highest ranking of the 3 payouts and below.  For example, if the first place hand is a 3 way tie, then those 3 hands will chop 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place equally.

-To have a qualifying hand you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be an active member of Poker House of Dallas checked in at a Texas Hold’em or Omaha variant game table and be in the GREEN or YELLOW concerning paid time.  If a player is in the RED, this disqualifies your chances to win.
  • You MUST USE BOTH HOLE CARDS as part of your best 5 card hand that is ACES FULL of Jacks in Texas Hold’em.  Omaha variant games MUST FLOP ACES FULL OF JACKS OR BETTER USING A POCKET PAIR.
  • Win a pot that must contain 5X big blind, A BET, IF NOT CALLED IS NOT PART OF THE POT.

-Bomb pots are NOT eligible for this promotion.  However in the event a player makes a qualifying hand while running it multiple times, only the natural board will qualify

-Discussing the contents of your hand or alluding to the contents of your hand may disqualify your chances.

-The time the hand is tabled will be the time used to in order to qualify.  Please note a hand cannot be tabled until all action is complete.  If a hand is not tabled by the time a period expires, it will be used to qualify for the next period if applicable

-Intentionally stalling to get to the next period or any form of collusion may result in that hand being disqualified.

-Management reserves the right to alter or cancel this promotion at any time without notice.