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High Hand Rules


  • This promotion is for Texas Hold'em Cash and Omaha Varient Games Only
  • Qualifying periods will be for a total of 60 minutes starting at the top of the hour
  • $100 will be added for each 60 minute-long qualifying period 
  • The highest hand of each qualifying period will win the prize amount for that period. In the event there is not a winner, the prize for that period will be added to the next period for that day.
  • To have a qualifying hand, you must meet the following requirements:
  • Be an active member of Poker House of Dallas checked in at a Texas Hold’em or Omaha variant game table and be in the GREEN, YELLOW, or ORANGE concerning paid time. If a player is in the RED, this disqualifies your chances to win.
    You MUST USE BOTH HOLE CARDS as part of your best 5 card hand that is ACES FULL of Jacks in Texas Hold’em. Omaha variant games MUST FLOP ACES FULL OF JACKS OR BETTER USING A POCKET PAIR.
    Win a pot that must contain 5X big blind, A BET, IF NOT CALLED IS NOT PART OF THE POT.
    Bomb pots are NOT eligible for this promotion.
  • Discussing the contents of your hand or alluding to the contents of your hand may disqualify your chances to win
  • The time a hand is tabled will be the time used to in order qualify. Please note, a hand cannot be tabled until all action is complete. If a hand is not tabled by the time a period expires, it will be used to qualify for the next period if applicable. Note, intentionally stalling to get to the next period may result in that hand being disqualified
  • Management reserves the right to alter or cancel this promotion at anytime without notice