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The Bad Beat is a promotion when a specific ranked hand loses to a higher ranked hand. Additionally, any member who is checked in at a seat will win a portion of the Bad Beat! Below are the rules to qualify:


The Bad Beat Jackpot only applies to Limit and No Limit Hold ‘Em cash games. All other games are excluded.

  • Bomb Pots and Multiple Board Games do not qualify.
  • However, the Bad Beat WILL qualify on the natural board when “Running it multiple times.”


Both players must use both hole cards as part of each player’s best five Card Hand.


  • If four of a kind, it must include a pocket pair (2 cards of the same rank, i.e., 10-10)
  •  A player who loses with Four-of-a-Kind or better MUST lose to a Straight Flush or better. 


There must be 5 or more players dealt into the Bad Beat Hand. A player missing a blind will be dealt out and not considered one of the 5 players. A player who clocks out prior to the showdown on a hand where a Bad Beat is won, forfeits his/her right to any prize money.


There must be a total of 10 Big Blinds in the pot upon showdown.

  • Players must play their hands independently and cannot collude in order to chase the Bad Beat Jackpot
  • Exposing the contents of a player’s hole cards, whether visually or verbally, may disqualify that hand from the Bad Beat.


The hand must go to showdown.


The Bad Beat Jackpot is paid out in the following percentages: 45% to the loser of the hand; 20% to the winner of the hand; 20% divided amongst the rest of the active players at the table. Additionally, 15% will be divided equally and will be awarded to EVERY active player in the Poker House LLC Location where the hand is dealt at the time of the Bad Beat, including NON-Hold’em games.


An ‘active player’ is a player sitting at a table and paying an active seat rental during the time of the Bad Beat hand who has not missed a blind.


In the event of 2 or more qualifying losing hands at the same table in the same hand, the 45% losing payout will be split evenly between the qualifying losing hands.


All Bad Beat Hands will be reviewed and verified before declaring a winner. Additionally after any Bad Beat Hand, the deck will be recreated to ensure there was not a fouled deck. If a fouled deck is discovered, this may void the Bad Beat.


The Bad Beat Jackpot is not stored as cash on the premises of Poker House LLC and will be paid within 5 business days of the qualifying hand.


Any qualified recipient of the Jackpot must present a valid government issued identification in order to receive his or her Jackpot payment and will be issued either a 1099 or W2G for their winnings. Play has 30 days to obtain a valid ID before their funds are nullified.


Any violation of these rules could result in the voiding  of the Bad Beat Jackpot.


Management reserves the right to alter or cancel this promotions at any time with or without warning.